Mission Statement

We Are Committed To Service

Our associates have years of experience and service in the roles of Designer, Project Engineer, General Contractor, Owner’s Representative, Superintendent, Construction Manager and Inspector on a variety of large and medium scale projects.  The team has been involved in projects from their conceptual stages to their completion.


The broad backgrounds of the professional group are pooled to give our Clients the benefit of these varied experiences.  Our performance is constantly monitored to assure accuracy, consistency, clarity, and responsiveness. 


Our staff cares!  Our support staff is highly trained and uses a modern networked computer system with up-to-date word processing, spreadsheet, and storage capability.  We have a database of Florida construction projects we have developed and maintained for nearly 25 years.  Our reputation for objectivity, thoroughness, and integrity has been earned through over 30 years of professionalism and dedication.


ZCC's goal is to provide prompt, high quality Plan and Cost Analyses, Construction Monitoring, Project Condition Reviews, and Cost to Replace or Cost to Complete estimates at reasonable fees, consistent with Lender’s needs.


OUR PRODUCTS ARE CLIENT SERVICE AND REPORT INFORMATION.  We pride ourselves on providing the best in service and easy-to-read, yet comprehensive, reports to our Clients.  We continually strive to improve.  We encourage our Clients’ comments and/or suggestions as to how to best satisfy their specific project requirements. 


OUR EMPLOYEES, serving as your agents, are fully covered by commercial business liability, property damage and worker’s compensation insurance.  Our work is not “brokered” to outside or independent contractors.  (If you require a service we do not provide, such as termite inspection or mold remediation study, we can obtain outside professionals to provide their services either directly for you or under our direction, but you would be fully informed of this arrangement).